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Audeze LCD-3 Over Ear Open Back Headphone Zebrano Wood Rings with New Suspension Headband


Audeze’s innovative planar magnetic technology delivers an astonishingly lifelike sound.
Patented Fazor Elements guide internal headphone soundwaves to avoid resonance producing a more accurate waveform.
Double-sided magnet arrays delivers a uniform driving force across the entire diaphragm for near zero distortion.


Audeze LCD-4 Over Ear | Open Back Headphone | Ebony Wood Ring | Leather Ear Pads


Acoustically engineered for accuracy The LCD-4 is far and away Audeze’s most advanced headphone featuring innovative planar magnetic technology that delivers startling dynamics and incredibly open and spacious sound.
Near weightless nano-scale diaphragm The LCD-4 features our most advanced diaphragm design; our exclusive nano-scale film actually weighs less than the air it displaces! Benefits include faster response times for better imaging, and the flattest, deepest, most accurate bass response of any headphone available.
Audeze nearly doubles the magnetic driving force Double FluxorTM Magnet Arrays focus the magnetic flux to a previously unheard of 1.5 Tesla, nearly doubling the power driving the diaphragm for improved transient response and far greater resolution.


Audeze LCD-X Over Ear Open Back Headphone with New Suspension Headband and Travel case


TRUE TO LIFE SOUND: Thanks to its incredible dynamic, nimble, neutral and transparent sound signature, the LCD-X is able to reveal even the most minute details of your mix with unparalleled accuracy. With its enormous sound stage and crystal clear midrange, you have a listening experience that really is “true to life”.
THE PROFESSIONAL: Many of the current hit recordings you’ve heard have been mixed on Audeze headphones – the headphone of choice for recording engineers, musicians and audiophiles alike. With an efficiency of 103dB/1Mw and an impedance of 20 ohms they are the perfect option for anyone seeking a reference quality headphone.
PLANAR MAGNETIC DRIVERS: Large ultra-thin 106 mm diaphragms with Audeze’s proprietary Fazor elements and double-sided magnetic arrays. Frequency response from 10Hz – 50kHz extended out to 50kHz.


Audio-Technica ATH-LS400iS In-Ear Quad Armature Driver Headphones with In-Line Mic & Control


Quad balanced Armature drivers, specially designed for the live sound Series
Acoustic sound pipe, constructed of stainless steel and high-durability resin, provides improved high-frequency reproduction
Flexible memory cable Loops over ears for a custom fit and long-wearing comfort


AudioQuest NightOwl Carbon Closed-Back Around-the-Ear Headphones,Carbon Grey


Remarkably low distortion and exceptionally flat impedance for clean, clear, naturally beautiful sound from a wide range of amplifiers and source components, including mobile devices
Closed-back design for deeper immersion, improved isolation of external noise
50mm dynamic driver with biocellulose diaphragm, rubber surround, and voice-coil former for low distortion, high excursion, true pistonic motion


beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro Open Studio Headphones


Type Ear coupling: Circumaural Primary application: Recording Secondary application: General listening Operating principle: Open back Audio Frequency response (TX): 5Hz – 40kHz Max SPL: 125 dB Driver size 40mm THD:


beyerdynamic Xelento Remote Tesla in-Ear Headset for Mobile Devices


Highly efficient miniaturized Tesla technology drivers
High-resolution sound for an audiophile lifestyle on the go
Universal 3-button remote and mic for most Apple and Android devices (pause/playback and volume up/down)


Bowers & Wilkins P9 Signature HiFi Over Ear Headphones, Wired, Italian Leather


The P9 Signature deliver pristine sound that takes you to the very heart of your favorite music. Crystal clear treble, insightful midrange and a deep solid bottom end combine breathtaking performance. Connectivity Technology: Wired
The P9 Signature headphones are exquisitely crafted from luxuriously high quality materials. Italian Saffiano leather and a forged foldable aluminum arms for greater durability and headband strength.3.5mm stereo jack (TRRS 4-pole CTIA spec.). Drive units-2x ø40mm (1.6in) full range
New proprietary piston diaphragm speaker drivers deliver a unique coloration-free audio experience. The angled drivers also bring a superior spatial sound stage for a unique and immersive experience.


CARDAS – EM5813 Ear Speaker in-Ear Headphones


Shape designed to work in symphony with the human hearing system
Custom designed drivers are machined from proprietary solid bar stock metals in California
All drivers are hand matched


Earsonics – S-EM9 in-ear Earphones


Sensibility: 121 dB/mW
Frequency Response: 5 Hz -20 kHz
DCR: 38.5 ohms


Final Audio Design Flagship Balanced Armature Earphones, Stainless Steel


Handmade earphone
Custom-made Balanced Armature driver
BAM mechanism produces powerful bass and a deep 3D spatial expression